Jiffy bag recycling weekend!

Guys, it’s time to tackle the huge pile of used bubble-mailers in the loft!

Orders placed this weekend (Fri 22nd – Mon 25th Feb) will be sent in re-used envelopes.

This means packaging may be a little on the scruffy side – but don’t worry. We’ll make up for it with extra fun stickers…and we’ll include a random tarot card with every order!

Why are we doing this?

Here at the Little Red Tarot Shop, we’re proud of our No New Plastic policy, which means that any plastic used in packaging – including the ubiquitous bubble wrap – is re-used.

(Read more about our packaging here.)

When folks give us their bubble wrap for re-use, they often include Jiffy bags too…. as a result we have several boxes of bubble-mailers to re-use.

So every so often, we’ll have a recycling weekend like this one – using up these unwanted bubble mailers instead of using our usual smart boxes and envelopes.

Not happy with this?

If for any reason you don’t want re-used packaging for your order – for example, if it’s a gift or a special treat – just let us know in the ‘order notes’ section at checkout. We’ll be sure to package your order neatly!

Thanks for your understanding and support as we work to reduce our environmental impact!


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