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Hey, friend.

How you doing out there, in your corner of the world? Hanging in there okay? It’s a sunny sunny cold cold day here in Wales and I’ll be damned if I don’t get this newsletter out!

If you need a li’l tarot magic to brighten your day, read on for…

  • Loooooaaads of new Q/T/B/I/POC decks! (How the heck am I fitting all these in my spare room? I honestly have no idea.)
  • Lunar planners (that’s your Xmas shopping sorted)
  • Brexit news for EU customers (it ain’t lookin good)
  • Winter breaks and holiday last order dates (note we’re closed this weekend in protest of ‘Black Friday’)

New decks for your delectation

Kaleidadope Tarot

Hurrah – the second edition of Krystal Banner’s smart, colourful tarot deck is hot off the press and shipping now! Rooted in modern Black pop culture, Krystal’s illustrations are striking and accessible. The cards offer clear, direct readings with the help of a detailed guidebook.

Fifth Spirit Tarot

This just-published beauty by Charlie Burgess was lovingly created to expand the archetypes beyond the gender binary and to reflect the variety and diversity of human bodies and human spirits.

Living Altar Oracle Deck

Drumroll please – my personal favourite deck of the year is finally back on the shelves! Created by Ylva Mara Radziszewski & Kiki Robinson, this oversized deck with it’s blood-red edges builds a witch’s wheel of seasons, cycles, elements and ages, layer upon layer of ritual, dirt and magic. A detailed guidebook offers a spell for each card (reading several aloud has moved this ol’ queer heart to tears several times. I’ll write a review at some point… too many feelings for now!)

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas

Creatrix supreme Andrea Furtick celebrates the divine Black feminine in her handpainted Afro Goddess decks. Luxurious, oversized, both the Classic and Special Edition decks are filled with vibrant images of Black femme power. As Andrea says: “I love making art that makes my sisters feel good about themselves.”

The Threadbound Oracle

New from Cedar McCloud (creator of the Numinous Tarot, an LRT fave) is this richly-illustrated storytelling deck. Filled with characters, plot-twists, settings and symbols – and free from gender binary – the Threadbound Oracle is a colourful way to re-tell your own story.

When Life Gives You Mangoes

This circular deck from West Indian artist The Hurricane Mystic recreates the Lenormand system with symbolic items from Carribean life, hibiscus; canoe; yam fields – symbols drawn from the creator’s childhood memories. A detailed booklet gives divinatory meanings for each card.

New to Lenormand? The Hurricane Mystic explains all in this accessible 101 guide to reading Lenormand cards.

Get your moon on

Many Moons Lunar Planner

This cult planner is back for another year of witchy lunar observation. Sarah Gottesdiener has once again convened a gang of 13 witches from across our diverse community and corralled their wisdom into a practical planner/journal/guidebook. These journals sell out every year – ours are in stock and shipping now.

The Moon is my Calendar

April McMurty’s lunar planner presents 2021 in lunar months – each cycle running new moon to dark. The combination of circular and linear layouts offer a simple and beautiful way to re-imagine time and plan your year. We keep one permanently open on the LRT desk.

Golden Dreams of Olam Haba

Rebekah Erev is up there with my most beloved #witchyqueers, and this hot-pink planner, a collaboration with Nomy Lamm, is another gem from her colourful queer-as-hell studio. Following lunar cycles and rooted in the Hebrew calendar, this planner runs 2020-21, bringing together rituals, spells and observations from a diverse coven of Jewish witches.

Brexit WTAF srsly tho

To my dear EU-based customers… what can I say? The year rumbles on towards its end, our incompetent leaders bash their heads together like rams, meanwhile small businesses who serve European customers are left wondering what the heck will become of our livelihoods once 2020 is done. At one time I had hoped that by this point I’d have an inkling of what a post-Brexit LRT would look like and could pass this information calmly to you. But no.

So I’ll have to guess. I’m working to the following assumptions…

  • We can probably expect border chaos (read long delays and missing parcels) from the 1st Jan. Spare a thought for the lorry drivers.
  • Items shipping from the UK to the EU will be liable to border customs charges and further delays.
  • I’d naively hoped that leaving the Customs Union might mean the end of VAT on EU sales… but I’ve since realised that was a dream. That means I can’t take the VAT off to bring prices down for you.
  • Postage charges will be increasing too.

TL;DR: Much as I despise urgency marketing, if you’re in the EU and you’ve been lusting after an LRT deck or three, now would probably be a sensible time to place your order.

Winter breaks & holiday order dates

You can check out our ‘last order dates for Xmas’ here. TL;DR: Order early if Xmas delivery is important to you!

As always we’ll be closed this weekend in protest of Black Friday, capitalism’s most revered public festival. Reject the shopocalypse!

We’ll go on our winter break on Solstice (21st December), and return on Monday 4th January.

I’m taking a sabbatical in the new year (yay!) Exact dates are TBC, but the shop will be closed for all of February, likely some weeks either side of this too.

That’s all from me for now. I’ll leave you with this picture of Em’s amazing carrot.

It’s the little things, amirite?

Keep hanging in there pals, we’re nearly there.

So much love.

B x