Golden Dreams of Olam haBa Planner 5781 (2020-21)

A lunar planner and dream journal for this new year, the Hebrew year 5781 (autumn 2020 to autumn 21), filled with inspirational guidance.

Curated, edited, and illustrated by Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm.


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Rooted in Jewish tradition, yet designed for all to use, this lunar calendar/dream journal offers guidance and support for integrating spiritual practice into your day to day life, using tools from Jewish lineage; from the seasons and cycles of the earth; from radical queer community; and from your own sacred body.

For creators Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm, the ‘dream of Olam haBa’ represents a time when all the earth’s inhabitants live reciprocally with each other and the earth, healing the traumas of oppression, allowing every being to live in full expression. This planner follows lunar cycles, with each month beginning with a new moon, allowing you to plan out your days and weeks in closer contact with nature’s rhythms.

The planner also brings together the voices of 14 queer/Jewish mystics and healers to offer seasonal inspiration, guidance and suggestions for ritual practice, tarot, astrology and more.

The planner runs from September 2020 to September 2021, and offers a loose and supportive framework for working with:

  • The weekly cycle of Shabbat (the day of rest)
  • The monthly cycle of Rosh Chodesh (the Jewish holiday that begins the month, marked by the new moon)
  • Tarot cards
  • Astrological signs associated with each month
  • Jewish holidays
  • Hebrew letters
  • The Netivot (Hebrew priestess archetypes)

Curated, edited, and illustrated by Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm. Co-created with a community of Jewish mystics.

For years we’ve both been wishing for a usable and beautiful calendar where we can track both our material world goings-on and our interior worlds. A daily planner that integrates the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars, bringing a community of visionaries and artists together to help us frame our spiritual experience of the year. Thank you for joining us on this journey of building Olam haBa, the world to come. We’re grateful and excited to be together in this dream.

The Vision: We see this offering as an accompaniment to your unfolding dreams and visions of 5781, which we are calling the Golden Year, summoning the magic of gold to bring brightness and vision to our days. We created this calendar with a community of Jewish mystics. Whether you think of yourself as such or not, you become a contributor as soon as you write your dreams, visions, and plans into this magical portal.

Each month begins with the full calendar for the Hebrew month, so you can see the big picture of what lies ahead, with its mystical associations. Turn the page, take in the month’s illustration, and read the interpretations of one of our beloved mystical meaning-makers. They share their wisdom about the month to come, and offer a ritual, practice, recipe, or meditation to support you. Then you will get a week-by-week breakdown of the month with plenty of space to write not only your appointments and social calendar, but your dreams and unfolding magic. A full page for each Shabbat gives you space to process what has happened during the week and integrate what you are receiving.


  • Jill Hammer, co-founder of Kohenet Institute, author of The Hebrew Priestess
  • Shoshana A. Brown, LMSW, educator and activist
  • Jonah Aline Daniel, herbalist and chandler, Narrow Bridge Candles
  • Zoh Lev Cunningham, community ritual leader and collaborative artist
  • Rayna Grace, star witch, farmer, queer mom
  • Yael Schonzeit, devotional artist and ritual leader
  • Aurora Levins Morales, artist and historian, author of Medicine Stories
  • Matta Ghaly, teacher, spiritual leader, devotional musician
  • Dori Midnight, sanadora/healer and ritual leader
  • Riv Shapiro, multi-media artist and educator
  • Orev Reena Katz, Spiritual Care Provider in incarcerated communities, artist
  • Corina Dross, astrologer at Flax and Gold, illustrator at Abacus Corvus


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