When Life Gives You Mangoes Lenormand Oracle


A colourful Carribean-inspired Lenormand oracle deck, with inspiration drawn from the creator’s childhood memories.

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A Lenormand oracle deck and guidebook, from West Indian artist and deck creator The Hurricane Mystic.

New to Lenormand? Check out THM’s accessible beginners’ guide!

This colourful deck, with it’s 36 circular card, re-invents the Lenormand system with symbolic items from Carribean life, hibiscus; canoe; yam fields – symbols drawn from the creator’s childhood memories. A detailed booklet gives divinatory meanings for each card, as well as an overview of the Lenormand system.

The unique thing about Lenormand that I have observed is the existence of various schools of thought. Germany, France and other parts of Europe expressed different meanings for the same cards or had different number of cards all together (pulled from the original 14th century card game).

As a West Indian Spiritualist whose island was colonized by the French (and then the British) the influence of French culture can be seen throughout my little island as the names of the villages, mountains, folklore and architecture; all have a distinctive French influence. I felt it was time for the Caribbean Lenormand School of Thought to be heard amongst the many interpretations.

This is why I created my deck: a Caribbean inspired Lenormand Oracle. Because while the influence of Britain and France wasn’t an a choice our ancestors had, it’s still a part of our history and our culture and our voice within the community deserves to be heard.


  • 36-card deck with circular cards, presented in a sturdy, flip-top keepsake box
  • Softback guide-booklet offering interpretations for each card


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