The Moon is My Calendar: New Moon Journal 2021

Embrace your natural rhythms and deepen your inner wisdom with the New Moon Journal.

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Embrace your natural rhythms and deepen your inner wisdom with the New Moon Calendar/Journal.

This simple and beautiful calendar journal establishes the new moon as the starting point for each monthly cycle. By using a circular calendar you perceive time in relation to nature more clearly, and patterns in your own experience become more apparent. It provides a structure for connecting to your inner wisdom and natural rhythms.

Created by April McMurty, this edition contains 13 lunar cycles from December 2020 to the December 2021.

You can use the New Moon Calendar Journal to:

  • Chart your energy level throughout the cycle to cultivate mindfulness of your changing needs
  • Record daily meditation practice
  • Track your emotional, physical and creative cycles over time to deepen self-awareness and a sense of your personal orbits
  • Choose a habit you wish to begin or an old habit you wish to break and allow the moon calendar to be the container to support your progress
  • Set intentions on the new moon to catalyze powerful change
  • Create moon mandalas to activate and empower these intentions as you move through each cycle
  • Shift your perception of time as linear and connect with lunar cycles
  • Take notes on significant astrological events
  • Create a routine of checking-in with where you are and where the moon is in her cycle

“The moon is a beacon in the sky reminding us that everything is a phase. Seeds, buds, blooms and fruit show us the way life moves through phases as well. The moon embodies this eternal cycle, returning to darkness before growing light again in a constant measured rhythm of expansion and contraction, ebb and flow, and changing seasons. When we bring our awareness to natural cycles and those of our own bodies, we can begin to see connections, patterns and potential. We are nature.”

It’s really difficult to have an awareness of cycles when using the Gregorian calendar. The moon has always marked the passage of time. May we remember our connection and place in the circle.

Allow the New Moon Calendar Journal to help you align with the lunar cycles, deepen your inner wisdom, and support your personal practice of growth and transformation.


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