The Threadbound Oracle Deck

A magic library themed Oracle deck, by Cedar McCloud, creator of the Numinous Tarot.

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As humans, storytelling has always been part of our DNA. From the oldest of myths, to the newest book release, to the memories we replay in our head, the stories we tell ourselves are some of the deepest magic on the planet.

The Threadbound Oracle is a 50-card deck themed around storytelling, magic, and the craft of bookbinding and manuscript illumination, created by Cedar McCloud of the Numinous Tarot.

The Threadbound Oracle comes as a 50-card deck and 100 page guidebook. The cards will be printed on quality 350gsm cardstock with a textured linen finish, and are standard Tarot size (2.75″x4.75″). The guidebook will be the same size and contain interpretations for all 50 cards, as well as instructions and suggestions for using the deck. Both will be packaged together in a sturdy box shaped like a book, with a fancy magnetic closure to keep them safe.

The Threadbound Oracle contains 29 Story cards and 21 suit cards, all originally painted in watercolor and inks. The Story cards feature larger narrative archetypes much like the Major Arcana of traditional Tarot, while the suit cards deal with smaller and more specific meanings. There are three suits: Paper, Ink, and Thread. Each card is titled with three keywords to help you remember its intended meaning, though you’re welcome to form your own.

This deck was created alongside the writing of Cedar’s novel, ‘The Thread that Binds’. This will soon be for sale as an e-book, and we will add a link here when it’s available. You can also join Cedar’s mailing list here!



  1. H

    I absolutely love Cedar’s artwork but have to say I am really disappointed with this cardstock. It is thin and doesn’t sit nice and full like the original numinous. It has little dots all over it which take away from the beauty of the artwork. Overall a flop for me because of the cardstock. Really hope Cedar switches back to the old cardstock or finds something better because it is a bummer given how talented and beautiful their art is that it is ruined by the crappy cardstock.

  2. Kit Matthews (verified owner)

    A really lovely evocative deck with wonderful themes. I love the art-style and the card titles, as well as the three keywords on each card (The Train is my favourite). The cards are a lovely linen finish that makes them so much easier to shuffle than most decks, so I can foresee myself using this deck a lot.

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