Vulnerable & self-isolating? Check out our tarot love pack

It feels very difficult to cut myself off from the world, when other people without the virus don’t have to. (I can’t do phone calls either!) I feel scared whenever I might have to go outside, because I’m reliant on people resisting every instinct to touch their faces and cough on their hands.

Coronavirus is hitting everyone hard – everyday life is gradually becoming unrecognisable for many of us.

But it’s not hitting us all equally, as we can see. For some older people and folks with chronic illness or other health conditions, catching this virus may be genuinely life-threatening, and full isolation is an absolute necessity.

If you identify in that ‘vulnerable’ category (e.g. you have a chronic illness or other condition meaning that COVID-19 is especially dangerous for you) and you’re in necessary isolation, I’ve created a wee ‘tarot love pack’ that might brighten your day.

Check it our here!

It’s a pay-what-you-can offering – you pay whatever feels right for you, and you’ll get a tarot deck from our range of seconds, access to the Alternative Tarot Course for a whole year… and I’ll also send you a personal mini-mini tarot reading to brighten your day (you’ll get the physical card itself, plus a reading on a postcard). If you know someone isolated who could use a little tarot love or might welcome a new hobby, you can give it as a gift.

Meanwhile, a reminder that the Alternative Tarot Course has a super sliding scale accessible to all.

There are three options to choose from when signing up (supporter, regular, low-income), plus an invitation to contact me for super-low options (going right down to $5) if those prices are still not accessible for you (info here).

Tomorrow I’ll announce a new and better sliding scale system so that everyone who’s self-isolating (not just those who are vulnerable, but anyone making the responsible decision to stay home and thus help to protect others) can get the course at a more discounted rate :)