Queen of Wands

Creative confidence

This is the kind of person everybody wants to be. The Queen of Wands has all the confidence and dynamism of the other wands characters, but hers is truly grounded in passion. She lives a life that she really loves, and owns it all with joy (even the rocky patches – this isn’t about having a ‘perfect life’.)

This is not only a person who gets things done, but who is creative. In art, in business, in life, in any sphere, the Queen of Wands does things her way – she learned a long time ago not to compromise herself or fit herself to others’ moulds. Onlookers may view her with mixed opinions – some loving her daring, colourful style, some disapproving. Nobody could say that she was living any life but her own.

This may be an unusual person, someone who does things differently, but there’s no fear or shame in it. The Queen of Wands is loud and proud, and never apologises for herself. Like all queens, she has ‘done the work’, she’s looked deeply into her own soul, she has understood on a spiritual level who she is. Knowing this, she doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion. She’s doing great as she is.

Not that she is without compassion. Charismatic like the king, the Queen of Wands may have many friends or be sociable and outgoing. (It’s also possible that she might be an introvert – despite her confidence!) But she’s also a good friend who shows up when you need her. As a leader, she knows how to play to everyone’s strengths and make folks feel good.

This queen represents having a true passion for your work, for being inspired and working on projects, feeling really in tune with what you’re doing. The Queen of Wands can be quick and energetic, there is an exciting feeling of just how much can be done. Like the King, she inspires.

The most important characteristic of the Queen of Wands is her lust for life. This is a positive person who feels abundant. If there is something she needs that she doesn’t have, she manifests it through sheer force of will – she believes in good things, asks for them, and expects them. All queens are witches, and this person works with the fiery energy of the Universe, tapping in to bigger forces to make her desires come to life.

Special skills: Lust for life, self-belief.