Knight of Wands

Wild charisma

This knight is all ego. Bold and brash they storm into the centre of things, ready to show the world how great they are. They have that kind of rakish attractiveness about them, something about how wild they seem.

This can be really fun! It’s good to have the Knight of Wands around, they’re fun at parties and know how to get the crowd going. It’s also good to be around this kind of confidence – the Knight of Wands isn’t afraid to take the first step and get things moving, inspiring others to come along.

A typical knight, this person hasn’t quite got a grip on their own power yet, so it often comes out in these clumsy, over the top ways. This card can represent someone who is all fired up with ideas and the urge to act – but hasn’t thought or felt things through yet. They don’t have a container for their fire, it’s just running wild.

Of course, they may take up a lot of space – big egos do that. The Knight of Wands can be someone who dominates spaces with their need for attention. They can be demanding and loud – not to mention arrogant. This person asserts themselves with confidence – yet at the same time, they need a lot of validation to keep that confidence rolling.

This is an inspiring person who loves to lead – maybe someone in your peer group who seems to have a really fun, adventurous life or someone you’d like to be around. Their energy is infectious and people are drawn to their easy charisma.

Special powers: Dynamic, bold.