Queen of Pentacles

Embodying self-care

This queen rules the element of earth. Deeply comfortable in her home and her environment, the Queen of Pentacles is a nurturing soul, a person who exudes care and compassion. She is the embodiment of the Empress archetype.

The Queen of Pentacles is someone who is really grounded in their life. They have learned to feel their way through life, listening to their heart and their body and understanding the way they communicate – on all levels – with their environment. This may be a farmer, a herbalist, a potter, a builder – anyone who works with physical materials in a magical way, with a deep appreciation of the world’s resources, and a respectful, positive way of working with them.

Grounded like this, we experience a feeling of being connnected to something far bigger than ourselves. True, the Queen of Pentacles, like the King, may simply indicate a rich or powerful person. But whatever their status, this person is wise, because they know themselves to be part of a big, wide world.

Like the Empress, this Queen values the realm of the senses. They enjoy food and good smells, beauty and music, all that is delicious in life. They have a sense of abundance, they are resourceful and practical, able to meet their own needs. This person is fabulous at self-care and doesn’t hesitate to look after their body’s needs.

And like the King of Pentacles, this queen is also generous. Appreciative of the riches that surround her, she is able to share what she has and nurture others. There are those same themes of caring here – of both giving and receiving nurturing love. You may feel a strong desire (or feel a duty) to care for someone or become a parent. Or maybe you just want to throw a dinner party. However this urge may show up, there is encouragement here to enjoy and share what you have.

All of these characteristics are grounded in gratitude. In having a spiritual connection to the world around us. As the ‘highest’ card in the pentacles suit, the Queen has worked carefully with the element of earth, integrating it fully into her being.