The Suit of Pentacles: Magic in everyday life

The suit of pentacles deals with the everyday, mundane stuff in our lives. The grounded. The tangible. The earthy.

Perntacles also show us the power and magic inherent in these areas of life. So often, we focus on lofty goals – self-actualisation, spirituality, emotional intelligence, intellectualism – these things are very fulfilling, of course, but beneath them sit foundations. Building blocks. It is hard to have a transcendent magical life if we cannot also see the magic in our own hands, beneath our feet.

So we find themes here of work, of money, of domestic life. Communities, workplaces, creative spaces. Our homes are here, our environments. The things we do with our bodies and hands, making, cooking, tending, building. The suit of pentacles is sensual and real. Here are the building blocks of our lives.

As we move through this suit, we’ll look at how it feels to juggle projects and have a role in our community. We’ll look at issues around money and ‘stuff’ – both having and having not. We see symbols of patience, of hard work, of trading time and energy for reward or harvest. Health is here, and security – as are their opposites. We also see charity and greed, resourcefulness and materialism, and more.