Two of Pentacles

Finding your balance

This card often shows a juggler – someone who is holding more than one ‘ball’ at once. Here, the juggler’s balls, or pentacles, represent projects, roles, responsibilities. There’s magic in being able to spread your focus, in not dropping one ball while you concentrate on another.

It’s not usually a stressful situation, though. There’s a buzz that can come from keeping all your plates spinning, and this isn’t necessarily about having ‘too much on’. It’s more about finding that balance between the different roles you hold. Getting a good work/life balance, for example. Seeing both of your partners enough. Being a great parent, but getting enough me-time, too. That kind of thing.

Twos mean dualities. How we handle decision-making, how we unify or celebrate opposites, how we work with the power of more-than-one. Here, that looks a lot like being busy! But, handled well, this can also mean enjoying the buzz of wearing a few different hats.

In a reading…

You’ve got this – don’t worry. The Two of Pentacles reminds you that you’re capable of tricky things (heck, you’re capable of really hard things). Don’t shy away the moment you’re pulled in two (or more) directions – this could be a really fulfilling situation for you.

Wherever possible, seek balance. Look for that sweet spot where you know you can juggle your responsibilities. This might mean getting some practical support: a desk to work at, someone else to cook dinner, some kind of time management system. Get the foundations in place so you can juggle with ease.

And if things do feel like too much? This card says ‘put something down’. Juggle merrily, but don’t stress yourself out. Figure out your capacity, and stay within it.

There is another interpretation of this card, however: choice. All of the tarot’s twos deal with choice. If you see this card in the midst of a tricky dilemma, it’s make your mind up time! Before you do this, though, have a serious think. Is it possible to have both?