Nine of Pentacles

You deserve good things

This is a card of success and accomplishment. It represents the achievement of that kind of confidence and security that comes from having created something solid, something real, that you can now relax and enjoy.

I sometimes think of this as the ‘independent woman’ card, in that it is imbued with all that proud, resilient, strong energy in the archetype of the independent woman. Someone who has defied society’s expectations and limitations and broken the mould, achieving strength and security on their own terms.

Like many of the Pentacles cards, the Nine points to hard work. We need a lot of self-belief and dedication to craft lives and projects we can be proud of. This is an end point to celebrate and enjoy, but it carries within itself the journey that led to this point. It’s a proud moment where we can look back on the story so far, from this position of having really achieved something.

It’s a card of abundance and gratitude too. It represents feeling rich and strong in a really good way, having earned good things and appreciating them.

In a reading…

Know that you have skills and resources that are all your own. They belong to you, and are available for you to use. Don’t be afraid to use your skills.

Know also that you can be proud of what you’ve achieved. Take a moment to celebrate the life you have created for yourself. Ground yourself in the good things in your life, know that they are nourishing your roots.

Know that you deserve good things.

If this card represents a goal for you (rather than a present reality) take this card as encouragement. You have what it takes. You can build the life you want. Take stock of your skills and resources, and think about how you can use these.

Create your own rules in life. Write your manifesto, and work out how you can structure your life in a way that works for you, that supports you to do the things you want to do. Make sure you’re creating sturdy foundations upon which to build the life you want.

The Nine of Pentacles can also be specifically about going it alone. Where the Three celebrated teamwork, this is more about what you can achieve by yourself. Trust your own voice, and don’t be afraid to break away from the herd if you see something special you want to go for.