Ten of Pentacles

Magical stability

In the Ten of Pentacles, we have it all. Life is abundant, comfortable. There is enough to go around, we are all well fed, we all have roofs over our heads and satisfying, enjoyable work.

In this suit, we have seen the planting of seeds. We’ve seen what it takes to nurture and grow those seeds and work towards goals, harvesting the fruit of our labours. We’ve talked about material resources, teamwork, give and take. We’ve practiced and worked hard and reached this point of really achieving something. Things have manifested. Things are good.

Now, we receive a reminder of that central idea in the pentacles suit: the magic. The magic in our everyday lives, in our work, our communities, our relationships. The magic that we exude through simply living our lives, and the magic we receive from our environment.

As the culmination of the pentacles suit, the Ten asks: when you have it all – what next? What else is there?

The Pentacles suit leads us on to the other suits – wands, swords, and cups. We’ll focus on thinking and feeling and becoming ourselves on more spiritual levels. Here, we see the culmination of a long journey of foundation-setting. Now, we are ready to go further, and deeper. The Ten is the completion of one chapter, but it is also setting the stage for the next.

In a reading…

Celebrate what you have. Feel abundant, feel rich. Enjoy the good things in your life. You deserve all that you have and it’s good to just relax into that kind of security, to know that you are held.

At the same time, don’t lose track of the real magic in your life. Don’t get caught up in material acquisition (important though it is to have comfortable foundations), so that you lose sight of the more spiritual elements of your life. Be proud of the material abundance you enjoy – but see this as a foundation upon which to stand and look to greater things.

Tens are endings. The final card in each suit’s numerical sequence, each Ten shows us a cycle coming to a close. There has been a journey, you have a story to tell. Lessons have been learned. It’s a point where you can look back and appreciate that story, before looking forward to what comes next. The energy is about to shift.

Here with the Ten of Pentacles, the journey so far has been earthy, grounded, and tangible. What comes next will feel different. Know that you’ve got solid foundations to stand on as you prepare for the next ride.