King of Pentacles

A generous leader

Here is a person who has achieved great things. Someone wealthy, whether that means materially rich, or simply very comfortable in their own life. This person has all that they need.

Implicit in this vision of success is a lot of hard work. The King of Pentacles is not someone who has simply happened upon great fortune, but who has worked for many years. They have been through the many trials of the suit of pentacles, the ups and the downs. They have been both the Page and the Knight of Pentacles, an eager explorer, and a dedicated worker.

Kings tend to derive power from structures. The King of Pentacles values order and logic, opts for quality over quantity, has an eye for things that will last. In this sense, this person may also be quite conservative, strongly prizing tradition. In many ways, this card is a lot like the Emperor.

This card represents a great sense of achievement. It may point to a comfortable home, reaching a happy place with your body, a job you love, or other high points of this earthy suit. This is a time to feel satisfied.

It’s also about generosity. When you have this much, what will you do with it? See to your own needs, of course – the King of Pentacles is adept at self-care – but what extra you have, you can share. The King of Pentacles opens their home to people they trust and care about, sharing their resources kindly and with love.

Beyond this, like all kings, this person may be a leader. Someone who holds a degree of status in society, someone who all can see has ‘made it’, and who – in the best expression of this card – helps others to do the same. The King of Pentacles asks us to look at how we use this kind of power in our lives – for self-advancement, or for the benefit of wider society?

Special skills: Richness, generosity, leadership.