Queen of Cups

Emotional freedom

Here is a person who has done a lot of deep spiritual work and has integrated their lessons fully. They know who they are, they know how to listen to their heart and follow their soul’s desires.

Like the King, the Queen of Cups has had plenty of experience in matters of the heart. They have searched and experimented, moved through breakups and new love, learned about kindness and compassion. Again, they may be a person who helps others in their own journeys.

This is an intuitive person, someone who feels everything. Empathetic, they can ‘tune in’ to the people they meet and understand them on a deep level. This can make some folks feel uneasy around the Queen of Cups, whilst others may feel a sense of ease. This is someone who can truly see people for who they are.

Ultimately though, these external, visible qualities emanate from a profound inner place. The Queen of Cups knows himself. He knows, like the Queen of Pentacles, how deeply he is connected to the whole Universe, and is grounded in his emotional life. It may not always be steady, but he owns it with passion. He knows how to listen. He knows how to tune out the noise and hear what his heart has to say in any situation. This card encourages you to draw on that power and listen deep.

Any ‘witchy’ practice can be associated with the Queen of Cups: spellwork, magic, lunar love, tarot and astrology, goddess-work, ritual. The queen is always ready to delve deeper into her practice and explore further, or try new things.

Special skills: Empathetic, deeply intuitive.