King of Wands

Confident leadership

Where the Knight of Wands showed us untamed dynamism, the King is the real deal. This is someone who gets things done. Fuelled by inspiration, they have the wisdom and experience to actually bring ideas into the real world. They see things through, and this is a card for completion and achievement.

All kings are leaders, and the King of Wands is the leader who inspires others. We can trust that this person is not all talk, but will follow through on their promises – again, this is about the action that comes from an idea, not just the idea itself. There’s follow-through. There’s that charisma again, this time it’s grounded and sexy in its steadiness. Other people just want to be around this energy, and lap up the king’s ideas.

The arrogance we saw in the Knight has grown and mellowed into a deep sense of self-confidence. The King of Wands has failed many ties and knows how to approach projects calmly, with all that fire carefully controlled and poised. There’s no need to rush headlong into things – this king is bold and considered, strong rather than wild.

Having reached this position, this person may be great at delegating. They have worked their way through the many trials of the wands suit and knows how to discern between activities that are actually worth time and energy, and tasks that can be dropped or handed over. They don’t need to micro-manage, because they know that they are in control.

Special skills: Confident, great leader, sees things through.