Page of Swords

A quest for truth

As with all pages, this is a card of curiosity. The Page of Swords is an explorer of the mind, of thoughts, ideas, plans. This is a person who will climb a mountain, for the sake of seeing the view. They want to know where they are – but more importantly, they want to know why.

The Page of Swords seeks answers. They may be a student, particularly a academic learner, or someone studying books or words. Remember that swords are the suit of communication. This is also the suit of logic, and this page likes to figure out what is going on.

Ever hungry for new perspectives, the Page talks to others, asking questions, gathering a range of views. They want to hear it all. As a ‘child’, a degree of naivety may be present here, as the Page of Swords is like a sponge soaking up everything around them, perhaps neglecting to work out what their own take on things is.

In a diminished sense, this card can indicate paying too much attention to gossip and hearsay, but in it’s best expression, the Page is someone who is using those diverse opinions as a springboard for forming their own. They listen, they work to understand, but ultimately they are learning to form their own world view and, hopefully, to express it.

Sword held high, the Page is grappling with the element of air – it is sharp, heavy and bold. This is a quest for truth and justice, and the journey is just beginning.

Special skills: Curiosity, seeking truth.