King of Cups

Controlled emotion

Kings achieve their power through experience and through structure. The King of Cups is someone who has seen a lot in their life, experienced many trials of the hear, and is now in control. They’ve ‘done the work’ and now feel they have achieved a position of stability and strength.

They may keep a close rein on their feelings – the King of Cups can represent a person who does not see open-hearted – and don’t like to feel vulnerable. They tend to give the impression of being emotionally ‘sorted’ and are not easily swayed in emotional matters. In the most harmful expression of this king, this may represent a person who has built up too-rigid boundaries around their heart. They ensure they are ‘in control’ and may have become cut-off. It can be hard to know what the King of Cups is really feeling because they maintain a tight control.

The King of Cups may also be someone who holds a position of authority in spiritual or emotional affairs. They may be a psychologist or a therapist, or a spiritual leader of some sort. A very positive expression of this king would be a person who, drawing on their studies and their own life experience, assists other people to achieve spiritual balance. Along with experience and study has come the ability to look deeper into matters of the heart and soul, and they are able to analyse and articulate what is going on for troubled people.

Special skills: Emotionally ‘sorted’, analytical.