King of Swords

A just communicator

Here, we meet a person who is steadfastly confident in their beliefs. A profoundly fair person, to the point that there is no space for grey areas between the black and the white, the King of Swords lays down the law.

As with all the kings, this is a person who has worked long and hard to be in this position. Lengthy studies and tough life experiences have brought her to this position, the King of Swords has been through everything we saw in the suit of swords and has emerged with strong views rooted in a keen appreciation of justice.

The King of Swords may be an excellent teacher, writer or speaker. Communication is a big theme in the swords, and at this stage, we see a person who has really mastered those skills. They are not only able to formulate their truths, but to clearly express them.

As a leader, this is also someone who brings great planning skills to the table. They are capable of seeing a goal, and carefully, cleverly plotting out the route towards it. A King of Swords takes the long view, anticipates obstacles, plans for success. There may be no problem that this person can think their way around.

They are also incredibly perceptive and able to cut to the heart of a situation. As the King of Swords, you see not only the symptoms, but the issue itself, the root cause. This king makes an excellent and witty social commentator, never missing the opportunity to point out what’s really going on.

In terms of advice, the King of Swords encourages you to be very, very rational. To put aside tour feelings and ask yourself what is fair, what is objectively right. Let that be your guide.

Special skills: Powerful communicator, strong sense of justice.