Page of Pentacles

Joy in exploration

As the child of the pentacles suit – whether ‘child’ here means youth, or more likely a childlike attitude – this person is curious and adventurous, interested in the world around her. She looks carefully at her surroundings, her body, her environment, and asks questions.

This is about taking pleasure in your studies. A fascination with how things work and what they mean, so that you are looking really closely at the elements of your life. You may decide to travel far and wide to gather more experience and information, to learn more.

Explorations befitting the Page of Pentacles include travel, sex, anything in the natural world, taking up new crafts and hobbies (especially things with your hands, or sensual experiences), exploring your own body or gender expression, house-hunting, job-hunting, and so on. Take that earthy realm we’ve looked at in the Ace and other pentacles cards, and place it in the hands of someone who is curious.

There is an optimism and a sense of wonder here, as with all the pages. Open minded, open hearted, you are willing to discover something good. Your mind is not made up yet. It’s a very light, very non-attached position, filled with potential, but not set on any specific destination. There’s a lot of freedom here, too.

The Page of Pentacles represents joy in the journey itself. You may have a clear idea where you’re going right now, or none at all – either is fine. Focus on enjoying the present moment, really savouring each stage in the journey.

As the pentacles can sometimes represent work, then this card encourages taking pleasure in your hard work. If you are job-seeking right now, try to move towards things you know you will find satisfying if you have the choice. If you’re about to start a project of any kind, make sure it’s something that will peak your curiosity and feel fulfilling to do.

Special skills: Curiosity, adventurousness.