Seven of Pentacles

Pause and reflect

Remember the Ace of Pentacles, and its message of allowing time, space and nourishment for your projects to come to fruition? The acknowledgement that the planting of seeds requires commitment to the long-haul, the journey?

The Seven of Pentacles shows us a mid-point. You have put in work, things are growing well, and it looks as though there will be a good harvest. Well done! This is a moment to be proud of. There is more work to be done before the fruit is ripe, but it is an achievement to have got this far.

It’s also an opportunity to press pause for a moment. To step back from your work and have a think about what comes next. This might be a turning point, or it might not. It might be time to change direction, alter your approach or just make some small tweaks. Or, you may find that things are going great and you don’t need to change a thing!

In a reading…

Whatever you’re busy with right now – take a moment. Step back. With your nose pressed up against your Very Important Work, it can be hard to see what’s needed. The Seven of Pentacles asks you to take your time. Get the bigger picture, a wider perspective.

Celebrate your achievements so far! Things seem to be going well. This may seem obvious, or you may not be feeling that sense of accomplishment right now – either is fine. Know that you are doing great, that you got this.

But take this as an opportunity for a turning point, too, a chance to make changes and tweaks.

Take a moment to re-focus on your goals. Where are you trying to get to? Do you still want to go there, or have things shifted a little (or a lot)? It’s okay to turn a corner. Remember that you don’t have to follow the path you defined at the start of all this – every journey involves learning, and that may mean changing tack. Allow yourself the space to consider this.

If things aren’t feeling great – don’t give up, not just yet. Think about how you might do things differently from now on, how you might fix what isn’t working. Look for practical solutions to the obstacles you’re facing. Step back and take that wider view, get things in perspective.

This card has a slow, gentle, organic kind of energy. Take your time here, there’s no rush. Rest if you need to.