Two of Wands

Preparation is everything

You’ve got your idea and you’re all ready to act…and the Two of Wands brings you up short. Why? Because the best ideas usually need a little planning.

That’s what this card is all about. Being very still with your idea. Letting it ebb and flow in your mind and in your gut. Feel through it. All the elements are present in this card: the fire of the idea, the air of your intellect, your planning mind, the water of your feelings, and the earth of your body’s response.

I like to read this card within the sequence: Ace, Two then Three of Wands. Idea, preparation, then action. The Three tells us that it’s time to act, but the Two urges us to pause first, and figure out where we’re going, what we are trying to achieve. Remember the Chariot’s sacred focus? That’s very present in this card – it’s the necessary work that comes before that kind of forward driven movement.

The duality here (for this is a two) is that tension between excitement and inaction. Action and stillness. You’re preparing to act and there’s energy building up inside you, but for now it’s better to be still with it.

Think of this moment as holding back your bow to shoot an arrow. There is a huge amount of energy held in that bow. It is not yet time to release it – first, take the time to take aim, so you will be able to shoot in confidence.

In a reading…

You stand at a gateway. You are preparing. The time to act is soon. For now, get your ducks in a row.

Take the time to get really clear on where you want to go. This is a good time to write a manifesto, or an action plan. Figure out why you want to do a thing, really understand what it is that’s driving you.

Feel the ebb and flow of your idea within you. Let it shift – your initial vision may differ greatly from what you finally decide on. Allow space for this to happen. Don’t be too quick to act, but explore your idea from different angles, or talk it over with someone.

Feel that tension in you, that feeling of power and potential. You can do something really great here (no pressure…!) Know that you have what it takes. Get ready.

This may also signal returning to an idea you had abandoned long ago. Pick your idea back up, and toy with it a while. How does it feel now? Is it time to give it another go?