Three of Wands

The time is now

After the stillness and the strategising of the Two, we are ready. It’s time to launch that ship, to set sail. It’s time to press go.

There is so much magic in manifestation. So much alchemy. The Three of Wands is a reminder of that power. It’s a card for sorcery, witchcraft, spellwork. For calling on higher powers, stating intentions, and most importantly, working with the power of your own will. Think of this card as the minor arcana version of the Magician!

It’s not only about beginnings. Threes are often mid-points, turning points, moments of change – here, that could mean a renewed zest for an ongoing project, or pushing through an important decision, or stepping up to new responsibilities.

In a reading…

Whatever the context, the Three of Wands is about action. You’ve done the necessary preparation, and you’re ready to go.

This is a good time to begin, but it’s also a point of achievement in its own right. Feel good and optimistic about your plans, know that you have the strength to do this thing, to see it through.

Work with your spiritual practices here. State your intentions clearly to the Universe and ask it for help. Call in your intuition. You might want to make a magic wand!

Know that everything is connected and that your actions are an exchange of energy between you and the whole world. Find ways to honour that connection.