Six of Wands

Victory (and humility)

The Six of Wands offers us a picture of victory. Something has worked out well, and this is a time to feel proud. There are plenty of parallels with the Four of Wands here, though whilst that card was about the energy of celebration itself, the Six is focused on the experience of triumph.

Following a card of conflict (the Five of Wands) the Six may refer to triumph in some kind of battle – winning anything from a minor disagreement to a political legal battle. When this does refer to situations of conflict, though, it carries a reminder that the battle is not the war. This current triumph does not solve – or resolve – everything. It is a step on a path.

But of course, this needn’t be about ‘battles’ and ‘wars’. The moment of triumph we see in the Six of Wands can take many forms. In the Wild Unknown Tarot, the card shows a butterfly, rising up from a sea of shadows. This is about spreading our wings and feeling free. It’s a moment of becoming, of personal celebration.

Remember that wands represent ideals and principles – a topic the upcoming Seven, Eight and Nine will explore). What we see in the Six of Wands is a moment when it feels as though our ideals get to take centre stage – we feel ‘right’, we feel confident in what we believe.

In a reading…

This is a good sign for any situation in which you’re fighting for what you believe in. It’s a sign of strength, courage, and that you are ‘on the right side’.

Beyond fighting, though, take this card as encouragement to be true to yourself and stand up for what you feel is right. Honour your principles. ‘Be on the right side of history’ as they say. Put personal gain aside and focus your energy on the good of the whole, the community.

This card can also indicate leadership – a moment for you to really step up. If you really believe in your principles, there is nothing to fear here. Be bold and fair; and lead this part of the journey.

Implicit in this card of ‘victory’ is of course the advice to stay humble. These moments of confidence and celebration are wonderful and can be enjoyed, of course. Know that this is not an ending, that the journey continues, and there is work still to do. Some may put it more bluntly: pride comes before a fall. I don’t feel that a ‘fall’ is implicit in this card, but it does carry a warning to remember where you came from.

A good way to do this is to practice gratitude. Nobody achieves great things purely on their own. Look back and acknowledge the people and circumstances that enabled you to reach this point of success – friends, colleagues, strangers, family, inherited privilege, and anyone who you may have stepped on (intentionally or not) on the road so far. Own all of this, acknowledge their part in your story, and be grateful and humble.