The Suit of Wands: Say yes

The suit of wands is filled with fire. Burning, brilliant, bright hot fire that moves and transforms and destroys.

In these cards, we get to know the fire that burns inside ourselves. The bright spark of inspiration, the kindling flames of figuring out our paths. The burning energy that comes with the manifestation of the things we want, with passion and drive. It’s a life-force. It’s what makes us who we are.

We find the ego in the wands suit. Battle, conflict, achievement, status, power – we see that confidence can look like in good and bad forms, and we see the necessary, humbling lessons that falling from grace can teach.

Fire is a force of creation, but also destruction. Too much fire and we risk losing everything. There is burnout and loss here, too.

The wands are dynamic. It’s where we make things happen. We act on our ideas, we work magic. A wand is a match to light the fire, a torch to light the way. This is a suit of becoming.

The Ace of Wands

Regardless of what may come after, this ace is a beginning. It’s a spark. It may come in the form of an idea, a sudden urge to do something, create something, say something.

Go with that urge. This ace – like all the aces – is an opportunity. It’s telling you to act on your ideas, to say yes. Because of all the tarot cards, this is the ‘yes’ card. It’s a cheerleader, crying ‘go for it’.

Having brilliant ideas is one thing, but it’s another to put in the work that it takes to bring it to fruition. That’s the journey we see in the pentacles cards (so pay attention if there are a lot of pentacles in your reading). Fire alone is inspiring and energising, but to be useful, it must be controlled, directed, used as you need it. Be prepared for this work. Know that it will be worth it. For now, feel the heat of your idea and welcome it into your life.

Key words and concepts

  • A new start… in the form of ideas, passions, action
  • Actually doing things
  • Starting projects
  • Saying yes
  • Preparing to do something big or exciting


As wands are the suit of fire, we might see lots of red and yellow in these cards, colours of passion and energy. It’s interesting to look at how a wand is illustrated in different suits. What does it look like in yours? In some, it’s a wooden rod, perhaps sprouting leaves and branches, representing that life energy. In others it may be a match or a key or some other symbol of potential. These are potent cards.