Five of Wands

A playground tussle

This is a card of conflict, but it is the smaller, less heart-wrenching kind than we see in some cards.

The Five of Wands shows us a battle of egos, people fighting to find out who is strongest. It’s the kind of fight you see in a playground, kids working out who is top dog and who will be bottom through fighting or football or whatever.

These battles may feel incredibly important in the moment, their outcomes setting a course. But the Five of Wands points out that these egoistic, hierarchical battles are really quite meaningless. It’s important to stand up for what we believe in…but is that really what we’re fighting for here?

In a reading…

You might be feeling really challenged right now – maybe someone is attacking you or calling your beliefs or actions into question. Before you rush to stand up for yourself, consider if it’s worth it. What is this battle about, is it really worth fighting?

It may be, of course. If so, try hard to avoid pettiness. Don’t stoop to dirty tactics and stick with what you know. Don’t be drawn in to someone else’s war of egos – some battles are not yours to fight, others are simply not worth engaging in.

The Five of Wands might be pointing to any area of conflict in your life. If so, try to take a common-sense approach to the situation. Rein in the urge to just attack on all sides, and figure out what’s really going on. Again, as yourself – is this worth my time and energy?