Eight of Wands

Deliver your message

This is a dynamic, forward moving card. Something is in motion, something is on its way. Something may have even arrived.

The Eight of Wands is about messages. Loud, direct messages. Not secret signs, not ‘maybe’s, but clear communications with purpose and meaning. This is where our ideas get spoken into the world. Shouted into the world. Passed on. There is a gathering of momentum here that comes from the right words, spoken at the right time.

In a reading…

Ideas are infectious. If you’ve got something worth saying, find a way to share it. Be clear and direct, don’t mess about with fluff. How can you make your ideas easy for others to hear and understand? How can you speak so that those who need to get the message will get it?

Think carefully about communication, especially the way that you communicate. Think beyond common interpretations of ‘communication’, too, and consider other forms of passing on messages, such as your body language, the way you show up (or don’t), everything about yourself that conveys something about who you are, what you’re about.

It may just be that there’s something you want to say – to the world, to just one person, to yourself. Give that message the time and energy it deserves. Take care over it. Get it right. Appreciate and honour the power in your words – and in all other ways you might communicate.