Four of Wands

A pause and a celebration

This card is another mid-point. We are somewhere along in our journey, and the going has been hard, but good. It’s time for a party!

The Four of Wands shows us a celebration. It’s a ‘why not?’ kinda card that wants us to stand back and look how far we’ve come. Sure, there’s plenty of work ahead – this is in no way a ‘completion’ card – but right now, it’s time for a day off.

To work and work without feeling real joy and purpose is a depressing thing. The Four of Wands represents work/life balance, a feeling of our projects being part of a wider expression of who we are. We are not only our work, our ideas, the things we create. We are much more than that. This card celebrates that and encourages you to do things that feel good. We are sustained by this kind of balance, nurtured by doing things just for the sheer fun of them, better able to do our more ‘serious’ work.

In a reading…

Take a moment to pause, here. Look at what you’ve done so far, the way your journey is going. Consider recent achievements, milestones, things you’re proud of – these may be big or very small, but it is all worth celebrating.

This is a little like standing on a bridge. From the apex, we can look back at the road so far, and forward to the journey ahead. Take a moment. Admire the view. You can work again tomorrow.

As this is a four, it’s about structure in some way. Here, that looks like structuring time off into your work schedule, or remembering to share your achievements with friends. This simple acts bring joy into our lives, which sustains us in the long run.

The Four of Wands can suggest just about any kind of party. Regardless of your ‘journey’, maybe it’s just time to have some friends round or go out on the town? Take this card as permission to have some fun.