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What home means: Re-membering miracles, care & connection with Elia Fushi Bekene

“Home to me feels like a return. So much of the path to liberation is the coming home, the return to the full potential of what we are and I find that home is the container that allows us to unfold in this way.” Read more

Making old things new again: Jameson Hampton & the Tarot of Sorts

“My love of tarot is related to this love of old things, this connection I feel with every printmaker and tarot reader that has come before me. So for me, letterpress and tarot go together quite naturally, and thus the Tarot of Sorts was born.” Read more

The Dimlit Tarot: A deck about power, community, & transformation

“It is a deck that speaks softly, but strikes deep with its insight. It is a deck that acknowledges the politics that govern our lives, but remembers that we must fight to solve the problems they cause – and we do not have to fight alone.” Read more

Music as transformative self care: Alexa Dexa’s Sacrosanct Oracle//Composition Deck

“I love the way sound can transport us, a portal into our inner landscapes and wisdom, an opportunity to learn to listen more deeply to ourselves.” Read more

A mirror and a map: Finding myself in the Living Altar

These collaged, many-layered cards are a map, a tool, a living work of femme devotion that turns a square into a circle, reveals intersections, fill in gaps with ever-shifting nuances and possibilities of being. Read more

Oli Starfrosting’s Talisman Tarot: A monoprint tarot inspired by magic, cartomancy, & the Marseille

Following up on the success of their Jewitchy deck the Hidden Light Tarot, Oli Starfrosting’s new Talisman Tarot is a queer descendant of the Tarot de Marseilles. Read more

Felix Kawitzky’s queer trans anticapitalist sci-fi space tarot might actually save the world

“I believe that resistance and revolution can be seeded in art. Allowing our brains to experiment with different futures can help those futures feel possible.” Read more

DIY tarot spreads with the Spread Machine Cards + Oracle

Creator Kimberly M Tsan introduces her latest deck – a colourful, easy to use system for creating your own custom tarot spreads. Read more

Charlie Claire Burgess: Art, gender, & creating the Fifth Spirit Tarot

Charlie is a non-binary spirit in a human home who’s gay for other queers! Based in Portland, Oregon, Charlie is the artist and author behind the Fifth Spirit Tarot. Read more

Casey Rocheteau on surviving 2020 & embracing queer monsters

“I imagine the Shrine of the Black Medusa as a space where you can be your full self, with all of your trauma, faults, charms, and questions” Read more

Introducing the Sacred Relatives Tarot, by Metztli Wolf

Revolutionary Mystic Metztli Wolf is pleased to announce the launch of their exciting new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Sacred Relatives Tarot Deck. Read more

Tarot Spreads for the Spacious Tarot

Dive deeper into your Spacious Tarot (or other favourite deck) with these four simple tarot spreads created and shared by Cathou. Read more

REVIEW | The Spacious Tarot: An invitation to reclaim your space

If tarot cards are portals, then the Spacious Tarot is a key to step into spaces. Spaces we’ve wandered at night forever. Spaces still left to discover and explore. Read more

A beginners’ guide to Lenormand, from the Hurricane Mystic

Want to know how to read Lenormand cards? Start here, with this accessible guide from the Hurricane Mystic! Read more

E Lubanko’s Tarot is surreal, intense, queer, & divine

“…my queer art is this way: it is loud, it is intense, it is sensual and dark and unapologetic and looks nightmares and reality (and the overlap) in the eye.” Read more

Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar: Heal yourself, heal the earth

“As an indigenous woman, it has been natural for me to incorporate people of color and the indigenous spiritual values that I grew up with into my work. The Gentle Tarot is for anybody wanting some gentle, loving support.” Read more

IT’S HERE! All of Our Stories: The Little Red Tarot Guidebook

Yep, I’ve finally written that book :D Read more

REVIEW | A Love Letter to the Many Queens Tarot

“In this review, I declare my flame directly to the Many Queens Tarot. After a complicated introduction, we went on to explore femmeness, feminism, solidarity and revisioning it all. What’s to come next?” Read more

Tea: Reclaiming Black spirituality & creating the Black Gold Lenormand

“A lot of us are on similar journeys to reclaim stolen and forgotten parts of our history, cultural identity and – honestly – ourselves.” Read more

Grief & Hidden Places: Dan Francis on creating the Hide Tarot

“I quickly realised that, with each card, I was actually healing myself in a sense.”  Read more

The Alternative Tarot Course: Questions & Answers

I’ve received a lot of questions about the Alternative Tarot Course. Here are the answers! Read more

The Alternative Tarot Course is here!

Registration is open now, and the course begins mid-September. Read more

Genevieve Barbee-Turner: Celebrating Pittsburgh in the Bridge Witches Tarot

“It’s frustrating to me that in 2019 we don’t see remotely accurate depictions of diversity in our media. This deck is my humble attempt to fill in some gaps.” Read more

REVIEW | Highlights from the Spolia Tarot

A review of this witty, intelligent collage tarot, created by artist Jen May and writer Jessa Crispin, with highlights from the deck. Read more

LRT Spring Update

Spring is in the air and things are shifting. Here’s an update about what’s changing in the LRT shop! Read more

REVIEW | Highlights from the Apparition Tarot

A colourful, oversized tarot with an evocative, folk-art style. Read more

New tarot goodness for 2019!

There are just so many new decks in store this month! Here’s a quick(ish) roundup… Read more

Chinggay Labrador: Collaging the Practical Magic Tarot

“Inspiration came from Rookie’s aesthetic, which resonates strongly with me as it’s very DIY, zine-like. I grew up in the 90s so I have a soft spot for collage.” Read more

REVIEW | Modern Tarot, by Michelle Tea

It was the kind of book that gave me little epiphanies as I read it and continues to do so when I consult it while reading the cards. Read more

Lettie Jane Rennekamp: Redefining femininity in the Many Queens Tarot

“I’m printing this deck for anyone else who likes to look at tarot cards, and laugh, and feel that there is space for their version of beauty.” Read more

The Numinous Tarot is crowdfunding its second printing!

Following a wildly successful first year, this inclusive, queer-centred, encouraging and colourful deck is back for a second round. Read more

Tarot of the Crone & Dark Goddess Tarot to be retired soon

“It takes what it takes. Give yourself permission for it all.” Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is retiring her much-loved creations to make room for her own evolution. Read more

REVIEW | The Numinous Tarot Deck & Guidebook

These images connect me to myself, to reality, to what I love and value and long for. Read more

Andrea Furtick: Creating the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas

“I built a portfolio full of melanated goddesses with creamy brown skin tones embracing their femininity and power. I love making art that makes my sisters feel good about themselves.” Read more

Astrology vs Astrologism: An extract from Astrology & Storytelling by Alice Sparkly Kat

This guest post is an extract from Astrology and Storytelling, by astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat. When we talk about astrology, there’s this idea that astrology is something to be believed in. Do you believe in astrology? Why do you believe in astrology? I don’t believe in astrology. But astrology is… Read more

REVIEW | Witchbody, by Sabrina Scott

“Nature and everything within it exist in relation to other things, and it does this for itself
and for no reason at all.” Read more