The Suit of Cups: The heart’s long journey

The suit of cups is the realm of water. Remember how water appears as such a strong symbol in the major arcana? It represents feelings, emotion, intuition and spirituality. The subconscious. Cups are metaphorical ‘containers’ for those things. In this suit, we explore how the intangible element of water manifests in our live – through love, personal development, sadness, kindness, and more.

Here, we’ll see relationships blossom and bloom. We celebrate friendship, we open our hearts to others. This is a story of growth towards genuine, deeply-felt fulfilment, coming home to ourselves. Feeling at home within ourselves. Of course, this kind of growth is not linear process, we’ll also see loss and pain, and determination to move forwards and explore new inner landscapes.

The suit of cups is one for deeper work, for challenging ourselves and showing up for the necessary work of looking into our own hearts and souls and confronting the genuine desires that live there.

The Ace of Cups

As we’ve seen, the tarot’s aces bring new starts. Opportunities. They hold an offer – it is up to you to reach forward and take it. Here in the cups suit, this is an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth.

This is a new chapter in your emotional life. You may feel called to do some kind of spiritual work – like learning tarot! Or taking up a new magical practice, or diving deeper into your faith, whatever shape that may take.

When you see this card, listen to your heart. It’s a cliche, but it’s about important personal work. Your heart is wiser than your mind, it knows things, truths, that are not rational or easily explained. It’s time to give those truths some air-time, to honour that wisdom you hold deep within you.

The Ace of Cups is also about falling in love. This is a profound and beautiful life event that can take many forms, from romantic love to self love to deep connections with other special people in our lives. You can fall in love with a friend. You can fall in love with a practice. You can fall in love with a dog.

This card is an opportunity to open your heart. It requires you to be vulnerable. It may also be about creating boundaries. Listen to what your heart is telling you, what it wants. Don’t worry about what is ‘acceptable’ or what ‘fits’, just pay attention to what you know deep inside.

The Ace of Cups wants you to embrace who you are and live authentically, with integrity and self-respect. Now, you have an opportunity to do just that.