Three of Cups

Joy and connection

This is a card of celebration. It’s the energy of good friends, who love each other unconditionally, sharing a moment of sheer joy. Times are good when we have each other. The essence of this card is one of genuine friendship, and a feeling that together with our friends, we have all that we need. We give, we receive, we are held, supported, loved for who we are.

It’s a gang, or the outcasts at school. It’s a team of businesswomen who lift each other up. It’s your childhood friends, who know you better than anyone. It’s an activist group, basing their actions in love and mutual support, knowing that they are stronger together. Or it might just be a really great party.

In a reading…

The Three of Cups suggests good times. Happy, free, sociable times. It’s a lovely card to see in our readings, for it says “you are loved.”

Celebrate your friends. Reach out to them, tell them how much you love them. Make time to hang out, throw a party, go on a day trip, call round for a cuppa. Think about how much your friends – or a friend – means to you, and let them know. Remind yourself how much strength and energy there is in being part of a community of friends – three is the magic number, and there’s magic here. You give a lot, you get a lot back – again, there’s an exchange.

It may be time to ask for support from your community. If times are hard for you, reach out and ask for the love and support you need. Or, someone close to you may need help. Now is the time to be a good friend. What can you offer?

For some, this card may point to polyamory or the opening up of a two-person relationship. Welcoming in a new person, bringing in new dynamics. As this is the suit of cups, we’re firmly in the ‘feelings zone’ here – remember to check in with your heart regularly, and with the hearts of others.

In the suit of Pentacles, the three indicated teamwork. It’s similar here, but the focus is less on specific roles and achievements, and more on the energy of mutual support. If you’re struggling in a group situation just now, try to put aside an need for self-advancement, quiet that nagging urge for fame or recognition. Know that you are part of something bigger. Support the group itself, and it will necessarily lift you all up.

This is an important message for activists in particular. This is a time to focus on all the strength and skills you have in your group, and to share positive energy. Focus on lifting each other up and strengthening the group as a whole.