Nine of Cups

Feeling good

Sometimes, you just want to feel good. Not in any especially profound way, not as a result of a load of hard work or a ‘journey’, but just, good, plain and simple. That’s this card.

The Nine of Cups shows us simple satisfaction with what we have. It’s number nine, not ten – as in, this isn’t total fulfilment, but it’s damn close. Things feel good.

There’s a real sense of ease here, a comfort in knowing that things are okay, our needs are met, we are safe. Like the Six of Cups and the Sun, this card reminds us of life’s everyday pleasures and encourages us to seek happiness there.

You are enough. You have enough. You are safe.

On the other hand, this card may sometimes be a sign of superficiality – it can point to a tendency to look only at the surface of a situation, where beneath, things are not so simple or so rosy. Perhaps someone is pretending for some reason, deliberately not seeing the truth.

Traditionally, this is known as the ‘wish’ card. In divination, it can portend that your wishes will come true. It’s image of satisfaction is an auspicious card for anyone who is ready to state their desires.

In a reading…

Let yourself breathe, feel safe, feel good. Allow yourself to just know that you are okay, and that is enough. That you are enough. Sometimes, the most important thing is just to remember that.

Again: you are enough.

If you’ve been caught up in chasing after any kind of goal – especially something in your relationships or your spiritual life – Nine of Cups reminds you that you are doing fine and it’s okay to let up a little. Pause to enjoy this moment. Things are constantly changing, but now is a good time to stop and be present, to enjoy the things you have right now.

If the above words about superficiality ring a bell for you, the Nine of Cups can be encouraging you to go a little deeper. Don’t pretend things are perfect if there’s something you need to deal with. Be honest about what’s not great in your life, and know that it’s okay not to have it all together.

Lastly: make a wish. Name your desires. Ask the Universe for help. This card brings good fortune!