Lubanko Tarot Deck & Guidebook

The Lubanko Tarot is a richly-illustrated tarot deck of 78 original paintings that traverse the surreal, the intense, the queer, and the divine. Created by E Lubanko.

Sold out. Sadly, this wonderful deck (one of our faves) will be out of stock for the near future. Creator Emily is taking a break from this project – you can read about that here.

If you’d like to be informed if/when we’ll have it back, simply hop on the waitlist below :)

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The Lubanko Tarot is a richly illustrated 78 card tarot deck exploring the surreal, the intense, the queer, and the divine. This is a high-intensity deck that explores the range of life in a mythical, sensuous, colorful, and unapologetic lens, created by E Lubanko.

Every suit is a full journey, lushly-illustrated and packed full of metaphor, story, and the full range of the elements. The cards show beings of different walks of life, some closer to human and some far beyond, dipping into the diversity of life on earth and the divine of when we transcend our expected forms.

A good tarot deck has lots of metaphor to chew on, so that each card can be a moment of self-contained meditation. With this in mind, each card was heavily considered for readability, true-ness to the intention I had for the card, and how I wished to diverge or converge with common meanings. Though many of these cards will have a familiarity to those who are experienced readers, some diverge for the sake of the clarity and honesty of message. For those who are familiar with tarot, there is some similarity to the Rider-Waite method of storytelling, but with some divergences as well.

Read more in the LRT interview: E Lubanko’s tarot is surreal, intense, queer and divine.


  • 78 fully-illustrated tarot cards, measuring 2.75″ x 4.75″, with holographic silver edges
  • 110 page guidebook with both upright and reversed meanings for each card
  • Deck and book presented together in a beautiful box with magnetic closure, soft-touch matte velvet-feel and silver foil printing


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