E Lubanko


E. Lubanko is an artist, designer, tarot enthusiast, and creator of the Lubanko Tarot, published in 2020. They started reading tarot 18 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

E.L.’s work runs the gamut from narrative illustration, occult art, erotica, traditional media painting, natural illustration, and visual design.

I would not say that all queer art may be a certain way, but my queer art is this way: it is loud, it is intense, it is sensual and dark and unapologetic and looks nightmares and reality (and the overlap) in the eye.

At its peak volume, it is all the things I am that I was told not to be. I have definitely learned to whisper as well as shout on the journey of making this, but my initial voice as an artist was absolutely what you described.

Read more in the LRT interview: E Lubanko’s tarot is surreal, intense, queer and divine.

E.L. currently resides in the Boston area and can be found painting, teaching, and wandering the swamps and salt marshes. Find them on IG @emilylubanko, or check out their work at emilylubanko.com!

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