Three of Swords

Scarred, but strong

The Three of Swords is a bleak-seeming card, and its message is a tough one. It signals heartbreak, sadness, loss and grief. Often, the image is a very simple one – a heart, shot through with swords. Because this is how it feels to be heartbroken – as though you’ve been pierced.

However, this is also a card of resilience. The heart does not truly break, but mends itself. We carry on our hearts the scars of all kinds of battles, all kinds of pain. Yet – we are still here. Our hearts are still beating.

In a reading…

The Three of Swords witnesses your pain. If you are heartbroken or are going through any kind of loss, this card does not beat about the bush or pretend things are – or are going to be – okay. Shit is painful right now, and you are really feeling it.

But it is also a reminder of your strength and resilience. It doesn’t preach ‘be strong’ – this card allows you to collapse and feel your pain, you don’t have to do a thing except feel – it simply reminds you that you are strong. That this, too, will pass. And your heart will keep beating and you will keep growing and there is life on the other side of this.

You may even be wiser for your experience. Perhaps one day you will wear your scars with pride. This card can point to a heart that has many scars, but that is going strong.

If you are in pain right now, know that there is no rush. Healing is non-linear and may take a long time. Let the process happen naturally, feel what you are feeling, and allow your heart to do its thing. Know that it wants to heal, and it will.