Seven of Swords

What we hold back

There are many reasons why people might lie, or hide the truth. You may be afraid to be yourself. It may not be safe to tell the whole truth. The Seven of Swords is about what you – or someone else – is/are hiding or holding back, and asks you to consider why.

This card can be about straight-up dishonesty or theft. Underhand tactics or sneaky behaviour. It shines a light on areas of our lives where dishonesty is present, asking us to confront them, to deal with whatever is going on.

Or, it’s acknowledgement of our reasons. It wants us to be honest, but it also points to the many reasons a person may not feel able to tell their whole truth. When we see this card in our readings, we are being encouraged to look at these situations and own them as, on some level, dishonest.

In a reading…

If there is an area of your life where you are not being completely honest, spend some time thinking about this, thinking about what’s going on. Is it time to come clean? Maybe, maybe not – explore your feelings around this.

Coming out, or rather, remaining in the closet, is a good example of this. It may be that a person has genuine reason to maintain the illusion of being straight, perhaps with family or at work. If it’s not safe for you to come out or reveal your truth, then there is no pressure here to do so. However, if when digging in to this situation you begin to feel it may be time to come out, then the Seven of Swords supports and encourages this decision.

If you feel someone is not being honest with you, then the Seven of Swords says it is time to confront this. That may mean straight-up asking someone what’s going on. Or it might look more like walking away, for example if someone has repeatedly lied to you or hurt you with their dishonesty. Feel your way into this, and decide what is the right approach for you. How can you bring more honesty into this relationship or situation?