Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah Cards


A deck of abstract and beautiful hand-painted oracle cards that follow the phases and energies of the moon.

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These beautiful, hand-painted oracle cards help you to tap into your intuition, bridging the space between the moon and your soul. Use them to begin each day, or in the evening to bless your dream time. They are especially suited to full and new moon readings, check-ins, rituals and other lunar practices. These abstract watercolour designs tug at your own intuition, opening channels of self-exploration, whilst the small book provides guidance to help you articulate your discoveries.

This beautifully presented deck makes a wonderful gift for a special friend or lover.

  • 28 Moon Angel Cards each with an original watercolour painting + one blank card for your own feelings.
  • Small booklet with guidance and ideas for interpreting each card.

“There are probably millions of little angels circling the moon. They move back and forth from the moon and the earth and other places too. They probably creep into your dreams and pat your belly in that way you want to affectionately pat your own belly. But often you don’t. You don’t even think to do it.  

In Judaism angels are feelings. Feelings are seen as helpers, as guides along a path. The moon is the time marker instead of the sun…We’re tied to the moon no matter our gender; our bodies respond to its cycles. If we pay attention, often our feelings (angels) move us along in time, in sync with the moon’s cycles. They remind us to make the moves that move us, and take the moments that take us.

However you use the cards, they were made to open up the sweetness of the moon’s turning. Their sometimes-audacious learning isn’t meant to obscure the mystery of life but instead enliven its complexity in your heart, and move you closer to its most authentic desires.

-Rebekah Erev

About the artist:

Rebekah Erev is a queer, Jewish, feminist artist who works in object-making, performance and the written word. Erev self-published the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book which were born of her interest in providing tools to shift cultural healing towards the expression of liberation in all its complexities. In 2013, she was ordained through the Kohenet Institute as a Hebrew Priestess.


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