Astrology and Storytelling


An intersectional astrology workbook by Alice Sparkly Kat.

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An astrology workbook, Astrology and Storytelling can be used on your own or with friends.

A radical new tool for folks who want to get more personal and political with their astrology studies, this book asks you to work with yourself creatively, and helps you learn astrology through creating a work of fiction using your own personal natal chart.

Read an extract from this book here.

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants a 21st century, progressive, and honest portrayal of western astrology that can be used to create a beautiful work of literature while still facilitating deep education… This is not your traditional, descriptive, uniform astrology book. It is progressive, blunt, intersectional, and even critical of astrology at times. The clear goal of this book is to help you use astrology practically in your life, not worship it as ultimate truth that dismantles free will.”

– @earthandfiretarot


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