The Oracles


A surreal oracle deck, by illustrator Libby Bove.

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The Oracles, card deck and book of interpretations, by Libby Bove.

The Oracles can be used to help solve indecision, flatten intrigue, give insight or to tell a new story.

Take the cards and shuffle as you please, dismissing all thoughts but one.

How you pick your cards is up to you. Some like to draw directly from the deck, others will split the deck into three, and turn the top card over from there.

One card can sometimes be enough. Other times more are needed to help decipher the situation. You are welcome to read the cards however you like.

The book contains some ideas of interpretations and is here for you to consult, but by all means go wild.

I hope you enjoy the Journey.

Includes 38 full colour (large tarot size) cards and book of interpretations.