Rebekah Erev

I am an artist and a kohenet, Hebrew priestess, feminist, queer, dream worker, healer, activist and teacher living with disabilities, of mainly Ashkenazi and Celtic Isles ancestry.

Rebekah is based in the Pacific northwest USA. She is the creator of the Moon Angels Oracle and many radical art and ritual projects.

Explore her work and offerings at Rebekah Erev Studio, or follow her IG @rebekaherevstudio.

About Rebekah’s art and practice…

In my work I collaborate with unseen and seen beings to make art and ritual with the intention to collaborate with benevolent beings to heal earth and restore a sense of humxn belonging to her. I offer classes and workshops to help people manifest their most true expressions : to live an embodied life, listening to the wisdom in their bones and spirit. I also make objects and create public ritual as performance / ceremony.

My work invokes the scholarship of re-remembering as relevant, immediate and anti-colonialist in it’s nature. I practice and teach a Judaism steeped in the old ways, ancestral and earth reverence. I’m inspired and guided by Indigenous self-determination, Disability Justice and Black liberation movements. My work is in service to a time when the hum of bees rule the land and those who have historically been most oppressed, guide our collective healing rites. I am the creator of the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck and the forthcoming Golden Animal Oracle.

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