The Wooden Tarot


An earthy, nature-based deck by AL Swartz.

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The Wooden Tarot is a nature-based tarot deck, filled with AL Swartz’s signature sones and bones, feathers and plants. Human figures are replaced by animals, and the earthy symbolism of the natural world in all it’s wild, glittering and decaying beauty mirrors the depth and mystery of the human psyche.

The deck follows the traditional structure of the tarot, but suits of the minor arcana have been replaced as follows: Stones (Wands/Fire), Bones (Pentacles/Earth), Blooms (Cups/Water), Plumes (Swords/Air).


  • Full 78 card tarot deck + Happy Squirrell card
  • 2.75 x 4.75″ full bleed, full color, standard tarot size cards, 300gsm playing card stock
  • Custom tuck box featuring the Death card
  • Open Edition

Please note that this deck is not actually made of wood! 

Also by AL Swartz: The Earthbound Oracle


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