Money Magic: Etymologies of Saturn & the Moon


Alice Sparkly Kat dismantles Saturn and the Moon as defined in a capitalist/white supremacist system, offering new tools for working with these energies in decolonised, socially-accountable ways.

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From brilliant astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat (writer of Astrology and Storytelling), Money Magic: Etymologies of Saturn & the Moon breaks down everything you’ve learned about the meaning of these two astrological bodies, providing a framework for understanding mainstream astrology in the context of a capitalist and white supremacist culture…and for getting free.

Not a self-help book because helping yourself is neoliberal.

This book is about:

• saturn and the moon. what the histories of these two symbols have meant through traditional and modern astrology.
• how both saturn and the moon accumulated meaning through white supremacy
• ways to work with saturn and the moon in community accountable ways
• the violent and unjust history of capital as a magical, not scientific, system of values

You should read this book if:

• you desire to work with an astrology that is in resistance to cultures of neoliberalism and supremacy
• you want to understand saturn and the moon in the real, white supremacist context they have developed within
• you strive to re-mix symbols of power so that they benefit community and not capital

Paperback, 99 pages. This is a small book measuring 105 x 170mm.

“Alice Sparkly Kat’s Money Magic book won’t make you rich. In fact, their book, unlike many astrology books, won’t tell you much about yourself as an individual at all. Instead, what they strive to do is to weave a story that involves all of us, as communities, with a novel and incisive way to understand Saturn and the Moon. They articulate a grounded, historical, political economy analysis of wealth creation as it relates to the mythological and astrological Saturn and Moon. Kat articulates how the two planets both parallel each other in their “money magic” and yet how the development of the Western political economy makes them as different as night and day. They then direct us, on individual and community levels, to renegotiate a cosmological order that embraces the wisest visions of these planets: we’re to be corporeally tied to land, our bodies and each other, with full autonomy, not the chimeras of corporations, governments, or imaginary good ole days of putative greatness. This breathtakingly comprehensive yet slim volume reflects an astrology of the future—casting a magic that’s natural, organic, human, and humane. I recommend it highly.”

– Samuel F. Reynolds, MA, ISAR CAP, NCGR-III


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