Alice Sparkly Kat


Aries Sun | Cancer moon | Aquarius rising

Alice Sparkly Kat is a Henanese, Asian-American, queer astrologer based on occupied Lenape territory (Bedstuy, Brooklyn).

Alice uses astrology to speculate on the ways culture inhabits biology. This work has inhabited MoMA, Hauser and Wirth, and Babycastles Gallery. Their Astrology and Storytelling course is made for diasporic people to learn astrology by writing a work of fiction.

Alice is the author of the forthcoming Postcolonial Astrology, as well as the self-published Astrology and Storytelling, and Planetary Alignment for Mental Bliss (below).

Read an extract from Astrology and Storytelling here!

Getting to know Alice…

I work as an astrologer – I do client work 90% of my day and I also write about the lessons that i learn from that work 10% of the day. My work is for people who center the imagination, with other people, and for the purpose of liberation. 

I share my home with four roommates, a cat, and a dog. i have queer poc community here, which is a mix of gentrifying and local folks.

My spiritual practice is mundane. I’m not a lofty person. I feel spiritual when I interact with people and talk about their lives with them.

Favourite tarot card? Not my favorite but the King of Swords keeps coming up for me no matter what.

Favourite tarot deck? I have a deck that elders in my community made with me and it’s my favorite.

Alice is also an obsessive fanfiction writer!

Follow Alice on Instagram at @alicesparklykat or read through their website at for astrological lessons, articles, worksheets, and other resources.

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