The Hidden Light Tarot

An elemental, fey, Jewitchy collage tarot deck created by Oil Starfrosting.

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The Hidden Light Tarot is an elemental, fey, Jewitchy, & subtly spellbinding tarot deck, created by Oli Starfrosting. The HIDDEN LIGHT Tarot draws from traditional decks in its structure but sheds their hierarchical and patriarchal inheritances in favor of queer and immanent perspectives. In keeping with my own magical and Jewish practice, the spiritual themes of the cards are articulated in earthy, cosmic imagery that conjures wider tides of contraction, expansion, concealment, and revelation.

This deck is a tool for intimate conversation with the seen and unseen dimensions of life: for divination, meditation, and magic.

“The HIDDEN LIGHT embodies my approach to Tarot honed over 15 years: elemental, imaginative, and viscerally magical. Created through collage and my multi-media pen, ink, and paint work, the cards themselves enact the divinatory process of Tarot – taking what’s there to assemble and discern rich meaning. My half-a-lifetime experience as both zinester and Tarot reader yields a deck whose zine-witch aesthetic hums with raw, lively, fey power. The cards resonate with rich, subtle magic.”
– Oli Starfrosting


  • Full tarot deck of standard 78 cards, 130gsm weight, matte.
  • Complete in a simple colourful tuck-box.

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