The Gentle Tarot


A soft, colorful and uplifting tarot deck, by Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar.

First edition, second printing.

There is the option to purchase an additional gender-neutral Lovers card.

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The Gentle Tarot is an indigenous-made, hand-drawn tarot deck filled with imagery influenced by life in remote Alaska. Colourful, compassionate and drawing on Mari’s heritage, this deck is a labour of love for self-care, healing, and nature connection.

Having grown up with ceremony and daily rituals that connect us with the elements, songs that ancestors sang with words and sounds that speak to this connection, I am inspired to share the love, honor, and respect that our planet is due. It is my hope that the love embedded in my work can serve as a reminder of this connection so that we may feel supported by our natural environment and also responsible for its well-being. Heal your self, heal the earth.

Find out more: Read an interview with Mari about the inspiration and ethos behind the Gentle Tarot.

Some of the cards are lightly based on the Rider-Waite deck, however many of the illustrations are the result of complete surrender to creative/spiritual process. Motifs and symbols, along with colors, have been used throughout the deck to make for easy recognition and to assist with remembering the meanings of the cards.

The minor arcana labels have been slightly modified: Swords have become Thunder, and Pentacles have become Stones.


  • 79 card tarot deck, high-quality 350gsm cards with matt finish and gold edges
  • 196 page guidebook
  • Deck and book presented together in a sturdy two-part box

Printed in the USA.

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Deck only
Deck + gender neutral lovers card


  1. Ashley Bardales (verified owner)

    This is my favorite deck I’ve ever touched. The Gentle Tarot and I definitely vibe. With this deck my readings have been very self reflection and inner work focused. I appreciate the changes in court cards, and the change from swords to thunder and from pentacles to stones. Reading with this deck has been nothing else than life changing for me. I’ve never connected like this with a deck. I am so thankful to the artist for creating this deck and giving it to the world.

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