Black Angel Cards


An oracle deck of 36 angel cards with a detailed guidebook, created by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel.

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An oracle deck of 36 large cards, complete with a detailed guidebook to their meanings, created by artist, author and Zen Buddhist priest Zenju Earthlyn Manuel.

“The Black Angel Cards are a deck of cards and accompanying book that guide you into deep reflection. From the deep reflection you will gain insight into your life and be able to transform that which causes you to suffer. The Cards are chosen in a spread that you create and the messages are read with your life in mind. These Cards are used by many with various spiritual and religious backgrounds. Many psychotherapists, life coaches, diviners, seers, psychic readers, classroom teachers, workshop facilitators and more use these cards. They can be used with family and friends as well. No experience is necessary. Just a willingness to see into one’s life.”

– Creator, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

About this deck:

In a lucid spiritual dream, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, saw the vision of the Black Angel Cards, an oracle for healing and awakening in a dream. From there she dived into what she saw head first. She says, “I have affirmed my life many times with these cards and I am quite aware that there is an infinite number of ways, in which we inhabit the earth. I am stunned by what the ancients can deliver to us when we are still.”

In the tradition of indigenous healers, The Black Angel Cards are for seeing your true nature and experiencing peace.

While the cards were created with women of African descent at heart, over the years psychotherapists, life coaches, spiritual teachers and healers, diviners, seers, and ordinary people despite cultural backgrounds, have used the deck. You can use them for your personal exploration and invite family, friends, and co-workers to join you and explore the wisdom of the cards. The cards are a good way to enter into dialogues around sensitive issues and hold each other in the love we know ourselves to be.


“Zenju Earthlyn Manuel has created nothing less than a miracle. With her beautifully rendered and intuitively compelling Black Angel Cards, she has given us a means to self-love and enlightenment.“
Essence Magazine.

“A powerful tool for those who want to discover deeper truths and to move forward.”
Evelyn C. White, author of Alice Walker: A Life


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