Story Medicine Tarot: Animal Woman (2nd Edition)


Animal Woman is the second edition of the Story Medicine Tarot series, woven and offered by Jessica Zinchuk.

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A large-sized tarot deck for storytellers, rooted in four stories of self-discovery and self-actualisation, complete with guidance for your own storytelling work. This is a deeply personal work of art, created by storyteller Jessica Zinchuk, whose image these cards bear.

Animal Woman is the Second of the Story Medicine Tarot decks. Self-published and printed in the USA.


  • 78-card tarot deck. Cards are large, measuring 3.5″ x 5.5″. 320gsm cardstock. (Note: Cards do not come sorted – they are in a random order.)
  • Simple custom tuck-box (note – these are not especially strong and show signs of wear including very minor bumps and tears – hence the cotton bag.)
  • Exclusive to Little Red Tarot: Presented in a simple cotton drawstring bag to keep everything safe and protect your deck as you travel.

Content note: These cards and their stories present an essentialist understanding of ‘woman’, meaning that they link biological functions such as menstruation, pregnancy and birth with ‘womanhood’ (in this deck, menstruation is a particularly strong theme).

As a cisgendered, queer and genderqueer woman with a complicated relationship to my own fertility, I (Beth) thought long and hard before deciding to stock these decks, and made my decision based on my respect for the the creator, Jess, and my personal experiences of working with the cards, which has been transformative and very healing. For some women, these decks offer a source of healing and self-reclaiming – a vital response to a patriatrchal culture that still considers female and/or menstruating bodies as problems to be solved.

At the same time I fully acknowledge that this will not be a safe deck for everybody and every body, and therefore want to be super-clear about its contents and its philosophy.


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