Botan Tarot Deck


A lush and whimsical 78-card tarot deck illustrated in watercolor by A Miyako M.

First edition. Light gold edging.

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A beautiful 78-card tarot deck featuring lush and whimsical watercolor illustrations, inspired by Art Nouveau and Japanese folklore.

The deck comes with a full-color guide booklet of simple interpretations for the cards and a beautiful drawer box. A gold ribbon makes for a delightful unboxing experience (the ribbon is not permanently attached, if you wish to recycle it for another purpose, or use a dot of glue to fix it to the back of the drawer).

Illustrated in watercolor by A Miyako M.

“Botan” in Japanese means “peony”, which is the flower prominently featured on the back design of the tarot deck as well as on several cards. In Japanese flower language, peonies represent bravery. Botan is also a play on the word “botanical”, as I use Japanese flower language and other plant imagery throughout the deck.

Lastly, Botan is a tribute to the space and memory in which I painted this deck – there is an old-fashioned Japanese candy called Botan Rice Candy, which I remember my grandmother giving to me as a child. The deck was painted entirely in the dining room of my grandmother’s home, and the Minor Arcana specifically draws inspiration from the Japanese children’s stories that she used to read to me.

Within this deck, you will find both the 22-card Major Arcana (painted in 2017) and the 56-card Minor Arcana (painted in 2019).  The Major Arcana is contemporary in design, with influences from Art Nouveau, Japanese flower language, and my family history. The Minor Arcana uses the same aesthetic, with folktale characters reimagined, symbolism in elements, plants, and animals, and cohesive color stories.


  • 78 card tarot deck
  • Full colour guide-booklet
  • Deck and booklet presented in a lovely two piece drawer-style keepsake box

Available separately: The Botan Tarot Anthology Zine gives an in-depth look at the imagery and meaning behind my artwork, notes on the cultural references within the cards, as well as short stories written for the Minor Arcana.


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