21. The World


…and when we are finally able to do this – to heed Judgement‘s call and fully accept and love ourselves? We arrive here, at the World.

Here, we finally understand what the Fool’s journey has been about.

Self-actualisation. Becoming. Becoming whole. Realising our wholeness, our completeness. Realising that we are one with the Universe, and really knowing that on a deep level, in our bones, in our minds, in our hearts, and in our souls.

The World is about completion. This may be in the huge, personally transforming way described above, or it may be in smaller ways. Completing a big project. Coming to the end of a challenging journey. It’s about all the work you’ve put in so far, all the lessons you’ve learned, finally coming to a conclusion. It is a pinnacle. The final milestone. The end.

As we’ve seen before, the completion of a cycle carries within itself the seed of a new beginning. Death holds within itself rebirth. Judgement leads to liberation. The Tower provides us with a blank canvas. The Wheel… well, it turns and turns. As we arrive at the point of fulfilment inherent in the World, we are necessarily faced with the potential of starting over, completely.

We reach the World. We celebrate. Then we head back to the beginning. Once again, we become the Fool.

Advice from the World.

This might be about finding your ‘soul’s calling’, if you believe there is one. Tuning in to what you most desire. Living the life you really want to live. Becoming the person you really want to be (hint: you already are inside – you only have to step into it).

Think about what the idea of ‘completion’ means to you. What would it look like, to feel complete? To have integrated all of yourself into one, and to feel aligned with your soul’s desire? This is about living truthfully – spend time considering what that means for you.

The World is also a representation of your goal. If you’re working on something, know that the end is in sight, or that your goal is an important one, and worth the hard work. It may be asking you to focus (like the Chariot). It’s encouraging you to work towards the fulfilment of your goals.

You have changed. You have grown. You have moved through a complete cycle, and learned powerful lessons about who you are. This is something to honour and celebrate. Throw a party! Dance, have fun. Enjoy this incredible, wonderful moment. Be proud of yourself. You got this. You did it.

And know that all of this, all of this energy of wholeness, will soon be out of date. It will dissipate as life shifts again, taking you to a new beginning to start over. You are now stronger, wiser, and more yourself than when you began, and your next adventure will be different, bring new challenges, new experiences. Surrender once again to this cyclical flow, remembering that you are simply the Fool, filled with infinite possibilities.

Key words and concepts

  • Completion
  • A sense of wholeness
  • Knowing who you are in the world, having a sense of place
  • Feeling deeply connected to all things
  • Reaching your goal
  • Bringing things to their end, wrapping up projects
  • Focusing on your goal
  • Celebration
  • Preparing to start over

Some common symbols

  • A dancer (pure self-expression)
  • Flags (movement and joy)
  • Wands (magic)
  • Circles (wholeness, completion, cycles)